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Courses of the Department of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities has a student enrollment capacity of 185, and consists of one Department, the Department of Humanities offering five courses.

Faculty of Humanities, Department of Humanities Courses and fields of study

Philosophy Course Learning from our predecessors’ reflections on truth, goodness and beauty, philosophy hones sensibilities and logical reasoning skills, to enable discovery, investigation and expression of contemporary problems. [Subject]
Western Philosophy
History of Oriental Thought
Aesthetics and Art History
Religious Studies
History Course Broadening perspective by acquiring wide-ranging knowledge of historical events, gaining understanding of the essence of historical records through critical reading and analysis, and learning how to confirm and reconstruct the course of historical events, these are the sorts of skills study of the history fosters. [Subject]
Japanese History (Ancient / Medieval)
Japanese History (Early-Modern / Modern)
Oriental History
Western History
Sociology Course Students will appreciated the purpose of sociology and character, as well as the characteristics of modern society and local communities, and then after finding their own research topics, will present research results based on date they have gathered and analyzed. [Subject]
Contemporary Sociology
Social Psychology
Folklore / Cultural Anthropology
Japanese / Chinese Languages & Literature Course Appreciating the characteristics and history of Chinese and Japanese languages and literature, this field of study investigates the diversity and universality of human societies as revealed through their languages and literature. The course also improves students’ Japanese and Chinese literacy. [Subject]
Japanese Language
Japanese Literature
Chinese Language
Chinese Literature
European / American Languages & Literature Course This field of study explores the diversity and universality of human society as it is expressed through languages and literature in Europe, America, and worldwide. At the same time, students’ English, European and other world language abilities are developed. [Subject]
English Language
English Literature
European Languages / Comparative Linguistics
European Literature / Comparative Literature



Possible Professional Qualifications and Certifications

Teaching license Other
Social researcher Sociology Course only
First-class junior high school teaching licence Japanese, social studies, English
First-class high school teaching licence Japanese, geography and history, civics, English


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