From the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities


Dean Negayama of the Faculty of Humanities

Thank you for visiting the Faculty of Humanities website. I am glad that you are interested in our courses. So how does Yamaguchi University look from where you sit? While each person’s impression of the university will differ, I’d like to take a moment here to share my own impressions with you.

I use the metaphor of a forest to depict the university. A forest is made up of many varieties of trees. The trees are nourished by water deep in the soil, their trunks growing thick and their branches spreading wide until they finally produce flowers and fruit. The forest becomes lively as birds and insects seek out the fruits of the trees and the nectar of their blooms. The forest can be thought of as a universe where each living thing’s existence is tied to that of its neighbours. In seeking out the nourishment it needs and interacting with its neighbours, each individual assures the development that is critical for its survival. This in turn assures the healthy development of the forest itself. This is the essence of a forest, and it is also the spirit that Yamaguchi University strives for as an institution of higher learning.

The university is most often thought of as a centre for academic activity, and certainly this description is valid as far as it goes. However, I would also maintain that in addition to being a place of academic study and research, the university provides the individual with the opportunity to find his or herself through study and then use this newly discovered strength to fit into the wider world. This process can be linked to the preparation and training that the university provides for students seeking qualifications as they make ready to enter the workforce. While this preparation is important, the university should also be a place where each tree in the forest can fulfil its role, nourishing itself with the nutrients and water of the soil, growing strong while interacting with the surrounding trees of the forest so that even during times of floods and strong gales, it neither withers nor falls.

With this human discourse at its core, the Faculty  endevours to create a future where the ideas and ideals of the students who have come together in this forest are respected. I hope that you find this website useful in gaining an understanding of the Faculty, and I look forward to meeting you in our forest here at Yamaguchi University.