From the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities


Why study?

There are countless reasons why people decide to study at university: some seek self-improvement, some want to make a difference in society, others want to gain academic or professional qualifications. Regardless of the reasons and motives, students soon find themselves engrossed in the pleasures of the act of study itself. It is the Faculty of Humanities’ desire to recapture with our students the excitement and wonder of the learning we experienced as children.

What to study?

Whether in subjects familiar from school, topics we hear a little about from television or newspapers, or disciplines students have not heard of at all, the Faculty of Humanities of Yamaguchi University offers a wide range of courses aimed at understanding humankind’s potential. Do you fancy being daring and challenging yourself with a new area of inquiry? If so, we hope that you will join us to discover a new world of study as well as a new you.

How to study

The “truth” does not lie solely in academic institutions and libraries. Humankind is continually coming across questions and seeking out their answers from dust-covered documents and historic ruins buried underground, as well as from everyday exchanges and the comings and goings of the crowds in the town. With study abroad, internship opportunities, field work, study tours and volunteering activities, the Faculty of Humanities transcends the bounds of “class work” and supports the variety of different learning styles that students have.