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Research Objectives and Goals


1 Research Objectives

With Yamaguchi University committed to being the main regional university and to engaging with the regional community, the Faculty and Graduate School of Humanities take responsibility for study in the field of social sciences, and strive to understand and explain the meaning of mental and cultural phenomena. The Faculty and Graduate school aim to foster a love of learning and thereby contribute to the development of human civilization by compiling and deepening research into such fundamental inquiries as what it means to be human and what the ideal state of mankind is. They are also committed to presenting the fruits of their research to the public as they seek to create a forum for the wisdom of humankind.
Based on this, the Faculty and Graduate School have arrived at the following four objectives for their research.

  1. Maintenance and improvement of academic standards, to be reflected in our education, through the development and strengthening of each member of staff’s fundamental, creative research.
  2. Stimulation of research activity through various collaborative projects both inside and outside the Faculty and Graduate School.
  3. Advancement of research through international exchanges and utilization of this research for the good of the international community.
  4. Carrying out research into the region’s culture and seeking answers to local issues keeping connection and cooperation with society firmly in mind, with the aim of contributing to the promotion and development of the region’s intellectual life.

2  Research Objectives

In an effort to realize the goals indicated in 1 to 4 above, the Faculty and Graduate School have issued the following twelve specific objectives.

  1. 1. Promotion of fundamental and creative research along the themes outlined in a. to c. below and usage of the fruits of this research in the classroom, while also making this information available to the public through books, essays and other literature. [Objective 1]
    1. Research into the human, ethical, historical and social perspectives that underpin human nature, as well as the varied images of humankind that serve as the symbols of these.
    2. Research into the nature, structure and functions of language, the processes by which cultures are formed and the various aspects and universality of these processes and related phenomena.
    3. Research into how the individual ideologies, histories, societies, cultures and languages of the various regions of the world were formed or developed, and also analysis of the structures and present condition of modern society with a forward-looking perspective.
  2. Encouragement of staff to conduct Graduate School of the Humanities comparative culture courses for independent graduate and doctoral courses in the Graduate School of East Asia Studies in order to promote research. [Objectives 1 / 2 / 3]
  3. Advancement of cooperative research either inside or outside the Faculty and Graduate School in specialist fields and areas, and multi-disciplinary projects that transcend subject boundaries. [Objectives 1 / 2]
  4. Proactive encouragement of human and intellectual exchange between researchers both within and outside the Faculty and Graduate School through foreign cultural exchanges and research into foreign cultures. [Objectives 1 / 2 / 3]
  5. Procurement of external funding such as Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research, with these funds to be put to effective use in pursuing original research. [Objectives 1 / 2 / 4]
  6. Maintenance of flexible research organizations and systems that press for the development and stimulation of research. [Objectives 1 / 2 / 3 / 4]
  7. Participation in and active contribution to the management of academic societies and research organizations. [Objective 1]
  8. Communication of research goals and objectives, as well as information about researchers and similar subjects, to the public. [Objective 4]
  9. Implementation of studies on regional culture, and research that is pertinent to regional issues, with the results of this research to be used for the benefit of society. [Objective 4]
  10. Sharing of research results with citizens and students through lifelong learning courses, lectures and similar means. [Objective 4]
  11. Exchanges and coordination with local government and organizations and individuals, provision of cultural and social policy proposals, and participation in cultural and artistic activities. [Objective 4]
  12. Creation of a system for evaluating the research activities of organizations and individual staff members with the results of these evaluations to be used to improve research efforts. [Objectives 1 / 2 / 3 / 4]

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