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Open Campus 2015

Yoshida Campus will be open for prospective students on August 9 (Sun).
(It will be postponed to either 11 (Tue) or 12 (Wed) if disrupted by the weather.)

For details of plans in the Faculty of Humanities, please see here.

Event list in the Faculty of Humanities for the Open Campus 2015 (PDF file)
Guide map from the main building of general education to the building of the Faculty of Humanities (PDF file)

Introducing Trial Lecture Topics

○Trial Lecture A: History (Japanese Archeology) by Professor Tanaka

“Power of Archeology”
Since you have decided to take university entrance exams, I daresay you have been studying with the hope that you might alight on a single magic method that reveals all the answers.
In university (the Faculty of Humanities), you will each grapple with your own research topics and through this formulate the problems you want to solve. In doing so, you will find your own unique methods for deriving answers.
In this trial lecture on archeology, I’d like to talk about the possibility of recreating all sorts of human activity through research on physical things.
Experience a world that you have never learned from textbooks.

○Trial Lecture B: European / American languages and literature (French modern literature, Japanese contemporary literature, Comparative literature) by Assistant Professor de Boissieu

” The Ending of Little Red Riding Hood”
The most famous endings of Little Red Riding Hood are Le Petit chaperon rouge by Charles Perrault (France, 1697) and Rotkäppchen by Grimm brothers (German, 1812). While the former ends tragically when Little Red Riding Hood is eaten by a wolf, the latter has a happy ending in which she is rescued by a hunter, perhaps more typical of a children’s story. The goal of this trial lecture is to explain the fundamental meanings of the Perrault version and the Grimm version by examining their points of difference.

Message from Old Boys and Girls

We have received messages from old boys and girls of the Faculty of Humanities with reflections on their time in the faculty and subsequent job hunting.
A recommended read if you are concerned about what you can do at the Faculty and what kind job you might get afterwards.
To High School Students from Old Boys and Girls

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