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Faculty of Humanities Modules

Classes are broadly divided into General and Education and Specialist Subjects.
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Specialist Classes

Classes in specialist subjects are of two types, “Core Humanities Classes” and “Course-Specific Classes”. Each of them features a range of class formats including lectures, reading, seminars, practical training, and Problem-Based Learning.

A lecture is essentially a class given by an academic staff member which introduces or explains part of a topic for academic study. Several dozens of students may attend these classes.

On the contrary, reading and seminar classes are attended by a relatively small number of students, and the students take on active part through presentations and discussions. Reading classes mainly focus on developing comprehension of foreign literature, ancient texts or historical records. In seminars, students investigate and research an assigned subject on their own, and then present their findings to the class for discussion. Practical classes consist of activities such as field work and surveys. In PBL (Problem-Based Learning) classes, students work to explore and solve problems and develop knowledge through group discussions.

Registration for Classes

Each student should register for classes through the Academic Support System on the Faculty website. After registration, print out your Class Registration Confirmation and submit it to the Academic Office.
The period for signing up for classes is from early to mid April for the the first semester, and from late September to early October for the second semester.

Requirements for Graduation

To graduate from the Faculty of Humanities, students must collect a total of 124 credits by passing both general education and specialist subjects.

Completion and Submission of Graduation Thesis

To graduate from the Faculty of Humanities, students must, as a general rule, prepare and submit a graduation thesis. This graduation thesis is treated as one of the specialist modules and is worth eight credits.
The broad timeline for the thesis is to submit the “graduation thesis title” by the end of June of the fourth year of study and then work intensively on the thesis under the direction of a supervisor, with a final draft written in a designated format submitted by the middle of January. After submission, the student sits an oral examination given by the supervisor.

Web Syllabus

The syllabus contains details of each class offered by the Faculty of Humanities, including an outline, objective, schedule, and methods of assessment, explained by the staff member in charge. Students should take time to check these at the beginning of the semester and refer to them when selecting and scheduling classes.

Click here for the Web Syllabus

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