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The Dean’s Office

人文学部長 高木智見

Dean Takagi of the Faculty of Humanities

The various abilities that a student should acquire at the graduate school are basically the same as those acquired at the faculty. However, in order to achieve high level specialist research outcomes with originality and creativity, students are eagerly required to have a keen awareness of the issues, develop their own perspectives, and explore and establish their own appropriate research methods. Moreover, what is key is that all of these activities are accomplished through the student’s own ability.

The academic staff at the Graduate School of the Humanities of Yamaguchi University take advantage of our small-group learning formats to work directly with each student during everyday guidance, and to gently share every step of their own research work and papers with them. In this way, we offer opportunities for students to use their own capacity to absorb the know-how and experiences of our academic staff, while we watch over and promote their autonomous growth.

By seizing these opportunities and through diligent application with fellow students, students can develop their own points of view and techniques and acquire broader perspectives, general knowledge, high level specialist knowledge, keen insight, rich conceptual abilities and deep mental stamina.

Perhaps you could be the one to help the graduate school towards an ever brighter future by giving over two years of your young academic life.

Home The Graduate School of the Humanities The Dean’s Office